I say it all the time, but one of my favorite things about this job is getting to work with my clients over and over again! This was my second session with the Eldridge family, and I loved seeing how much their boys Hunter, Gunner, and Maverick, have grown over the last year. Brooke + Matt live on what is possible the most beautiful property that I have ever had the privilege of photographing. I first got to visit this private residence in Leesburg, Virginia a few years back, taking photos for my dear friend, Hilary, who happens to be Matt + Brooke's neighbor! I have returned several times for portrait sessions for my friend and her extended family, and it never disappoints. The property happens to be listed for sale right now, and I can't tell you how sad I am that my days of photographing beautiful people on this beautiful land may be coming to an end. I am just hoping the new owners make friends with their neighbors and allow us back! ;) Here are some of my favorites from my time with the Eldridge family!