I am a firm believer that certain things happen for a reason. A few years ago, I was feeling very stuck in a pretty dead-end job, and had been for way too long. I was starting to seriously look for other opportunities, when we had a new employee start work on our team, named Courtney. We became fast friends (its impossible not to become fast friends with her!), and we have stayed close for the last five years or so. We worked together for about 18-24 months - both of us left the company in 2018/19 - and in that time were awarded the company superlative of "Most Likely to be Seen Together." I have to say, we worked really hard for that award, considering our boss at the time, told us to stay away from each other, so we wouldn't be too "distracted." I am a firm believer that our paths were meant to cross, and we were meant to work hard for that award and become thick as thieves. We formed our own Wine Club with a few other girls that we worked with, and we still get together as frequently as possible for our wine club events. I just hosted them at our cottage on the Chesapeake Bay a few weeks ago, and we had the BEST time!

Courtney is one of my most favorite people in the world, so you can imagine the JOY I felt when she told me she is engaged!!! The funny thing is - when I first met her fiancée, Scott last September at one of our wine club gatherings, I came home and told my husband that I was pretty sure they would get married. I love being right, but I love even more that she has found a partner who so clearly loves everything about her...and I love that it was obvious to us from the moment we met him.

I met up with Courtney + Scott at Philip Carter Winery in Hume, Virginia for their engagement photos. Scott loves wine even more than Courtney (which is saying a lot!), and it has become a big part of what they enjoy doing as a couple, so I couldn't imagine a better location for their engagement portraits than a vineyard! Here are so many of my favorites from our time together: